Chat with Joe Mantegna in the Nation’s Capital for the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend

Joe Mantegna was in the Nation’s Capital during the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend playing many upstanding roles that share both his passion as an Italian and his pride for being an American. Thursday, May 24th he hosted the 30th Annual National Education and Leadership Awards Gala for the Sons and Daughters of Italy as Master of Ceremonies at the National Harbor’s Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center.  Sunday, May 30th Joe co-hosted the annual National Memorial Day Concert from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

In a chat with Alyssa Ciccone of CiaoDC, Joe shared about his anti-defamation work in Hollywood; his most recent project on and off the screen; his dedication to the events he hosts;  and where he prefers to dine when in D.C.  Read more…

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